Individual bookends fit neatly at the ends of your shelf and keep books tidy. Strong metal construction gives
perfect support that will last for years.

Standard Bookend

BE-BK - Black
BE-GY - Smoke White (RAL 9002)

Large Bookend

Large Bookend: 2BE-BK - Black,
2BE-GY - Smoke White (RAL 9002)

Large Stepped Bookend

Large Stepped Bookend: 2SBE-BK - Black,
2SBE-BE - Blue, 2SBE-GY - Smoke White (RAL 9002)


Dimensions for Standard Bookend: 165mm(W) x 76mm(D) x 152mm(H)
Dimensions for Large Bookend: 165mm(W) x 76mm(D) x 202mm(H)
Dimensions for Stepped Bookend: 153mm(W) x 160mm(D) x 170mm(H)