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As immediate access to information is important, Infoflex provides the perfect solution. This desktop information
holder accommodates A4 paper which can be stored in colour-coded panels. Minimum desk space is used.

Plastic Infoflex Stand

Holds 20-40 panels (panels sold separately)

Metal Infoflex Stand

XA01 - Holds 12 panels
XA03 - Holds 24 panels (panels sold separately)

Plastic Panels

Plastic Infoflex Panels
Available in 6 packs, 12 packs or 20 packs


Dimensions for plastic stand: 320mm(W) x 253mm(D) x 380mm(H)
Dimensions for metal stand: 340mm(W) x 220mm(D) x 385mm(H)
Dimensions for plastic panels: 240mm(W) x 325mm(H)