ThinLine High Density Shelving

The Thinline system comprises modular static units with high capacity tiers providing high density storage and filing. Units can feature any number of tiers of a common depth and can be simply rearranged or increased at any time. ThinLine units can also be fixed onto a Roll Away or moving aisle base.

For added security Thinline units can be fitted with lockable tambour doors. ThinLine is one of the highest density storage systems available. On average, a seven tier ThinLine unit has the capacity equal to three four-drawer cabinets and uses less floor space than a single four-drawer cabinet as illustrated below.

Space Optimisation

A major benefit of adopting a Thinline storage system is it maximises storage capacity. This is achieved with its unique thin shelf profile. Thinline is made up of modular tiers, which are available in two depths and a variety of heights. The system allows units to be built up tier by tier. This means units can be reconfigured, decreased or increased in size with a minimum of disruption to the user. For added security, Thinline units can be fitted with lockable tambour doors.