Mondrian Storage Wall

Mondrian is a system that allows the complete adaptation of a space to accommodate different types of media in a variety of ways.The options presenting here illustrate almost every aspect of the working day in a multitude of industries. Those functions that may appear more common in one industry may transfer effectively to another. The Mondrian product range is about identifying the functions that will best serve you and your working practices, whilst also enhancing the space visually making it an easier, more fulfilling place to work. You know better than anyone how you work in any given space so…you make the choices!

Other colours can be sourced on request to match corporate identities and interior décor. A wide range of drawer and door front finishes are available, such as wood grain veneers, laminates and acrylic. Graphic options can be used using vinyl or screen printing.

The framework of Mondrian is available in two standard colours: