Plan Chests

Rotadex offers a wide range of standard and bespoke plan chests. We regularly manufacture bespoke sizes for unusual applications. We regularly include lighting, gaskets ,special paint finishes and many other variations too numerous to list so please do call and we will advise you on what is possible in the plan chest arena. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Plan Chests can be divided into Vertical and Horizontal storage and we offer both types:

Vertical Plan Chest Storage

We offer the Britplan vertical storage units in A1 and A0 size with either four prongs or two prongs depending on the configuration of your hole punching system.

We also offer the larger Excell unit with an increased capacity for portrait and horizontal storage in A1, A0 and A0 Plus. The largest size unit available is the Archivite unit, which is available to hold all standard sizes of drawings.

Horizontal Plan Chest Storage

We have two ranges available for horizontal standard storage the Superdrawer, which has flush fronted drawers with handles formed from the drawer front. It is aesthetically attractive and it is particularly suited to situations where the unit is to be mounted on a mobile base, or where there are space constraints that might limit the opening of the drawers.

The Britplan range features attractive chrome handles and is both functional and aesthetically appealing. Drawer extension is 80% as a standard, and a decurling plate can be added as an extra if required. Both these ranges can have archive-quality board fitted to the base of the drawers where artwork is to be stored. The board is acid free and lignin free and PAT tested (certificates available on request).

Both plan chest ranges are available as a standard in A1 and A0 size with bespoke sizes also available. We can produce single units up to 15 drawers high and multiple smaller units can be stacked to create a larger unit, which is beneficial where access for installation is limited.

Larger and Heavy Duty Plan Chests Maxi and Midi Drawer

We have a Mid- and Maxi-drawer large plan chest range that is designed for larger sizes and heavier loads per drawer. These units are amongst the largest available in the world. As an example, we can offer a 2.4 metre wide drawer with 100% drawer opening with a weight limit of 120kgs per drawer as standard. The runners are fabricated in our factory and are custom built according to the requirements for each unit. Typically they are five to six drawers high and can be supplied with a plinth or castor base.

Upright Filing Box

Various sizes

Flip Lid Box

Various sizes

Magazine Shelf Box

Various sizes. Optional lid.

Textile Storage Box

Various sizes

Scroll Storage Box

Various sizes

Drop Front Storage Box

Various sizes

Clamshell Storage Box

Various sizes